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Listography: Location Location Location

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I love to travel. As cliched as that sounds, nothing pleases me more than the anticipation of visiting a new place. I settle down with a newly purchased guide book, recommendations from friends and my trusty pal, the internet and make a loosely structured plan of what I want to see. 

There's a messily edited page in my notebook that lists the places for which my heart yearns. Some of these are constants; places that have been on my wish-list for years. Others are recent additions. Here are my top six.

 Hello America

1. America.
I'll begin with the one that's been on my list for decades. I've always wanted to visit America. When I was a child, I was jealous of school friend's trips to Florida. My teenage years found me craving the Big Apple. Now the list goes something like this: Oregon, Washington, California, Louisiana, New York State and Texas (for starters). 

The ultimate trip would be cruising along the highways in an RV; parking up whereever took our liking and eating under the stars. I want to run down gigantic white sand dunes, hang out in Portland, hike through dense forests, swim in Lake Tahoe, admire the view at Big Sur, go whale watching, walk around Haight Ashbury and drive down endless roads.

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2. Bristol/Bath
There are so many corners of the UK that I have yet to visit. Of all of those places, the South-West has been calling my name, Bristol and Bath in particular. 

Both cities seem to have a lot going for them both aesthetically and culturally. There's inspirational street art (See no Evil), feats of engineering (the Clifton suspension bridge), spas fed by natural hot springs, beautiful local countryside (not to mention the proximity of Stonehenge) and impeccably curated independent shops (Found). And only a train ride away!

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3. Iceland
Everyone I know who has visited this lonely isle (Abigail included) has raved about it's otherworldlyness. There's nowhere else quite like it on earth. One of the reasons that Iceland appeals to me so is the diversity of the landscape and of the potential activities. One day you could be lazing in the blue lagoon, the next exploring the shops, bars and galleries of Reykjavik, followed by chasing waterfalls, hiking across glaciers and volcanic sand, whale watching in stormy seas and gazing down at the place where two tectonic plates collide.

Colourful toy towns, the northern lights, some of the most striking scenery on the planet and a thriving creative community beckon.

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4. Provence
This one has been partially covered, as I spent two very brief days in the region en route to Barcelona earlier this summer. These fourty-eight hours of early morning markets, fresh water lakes, picturesque villages and jaw-dropping views have only stirred up an existing wanderlust for this southern French region.

I would love to visit in the height of lavender season; driving through the countryside from town to town, basking in a sea of purple fields. 

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5. Scandinavia
The only issue that I would have planning a Scandinavian retreat would be choosing whether to visit Norway, Finland, Sweden or Denmark. All four countries have a deep allure, based around a fusion of dramatic landscapes and that distinctive Scandinavian design aesthetic that creeps its way into everything from interior design to fashion and art.

Proximity to water always appeals to me when planning trips; fjords and archipelagos beckon strongly. 

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6. Edinburgh
Back to the UK and up north to a Scottish city that I'm sure would steal my heart. Edinburgh seems to have it all: thriving nightlife, independent shops, interesting architecture, proximity to the sea and a mountainous surrounding.

August would be too obvious a time to visit, the city bustling with the festival crowd. Instead, I would love to trawl the cities streets and admire the views in Autumn, amongst a sea of sunburst hues.

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