Saturday, 26 July 2014

Stylenotes: Timeless Style

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To trend or not to trend? 

This has been the question on the lips of many for some time now. Every season the major fashion trends are swaying in two distinctly different directions: there will be a loud and proud, everyone knows from a mile away you're wearing it trend and then there will be a 'trend' that is simple, minimalist and classic - hang on! Is this a trend at all? Is this not just a timeless style that girls have been wearing for years and will continue to wear long after the next issue of Vogue tells them its not 'cool' anymore?

I, myself have for a while now been thinking more about building up a capsule wardrobe of classic items that won't date (although I find it hard to resist print temptation). I have a list in my head that I mentally check off when the wardrobe staple item falls into my internet browser. Here is the Summer edition:

  • The perfect T-shirt (one in white, light grey, charcoal and black please). This is proving difficult to find; one must consider the quality of the material and how it will wash, the length (not too long, not too short. Must sit just there), the cut of the sleeves and the neckline.
  • The black dress. This one is currently evading me. I finally thought I had found the dress of my dreams by Won Hundred in ASOS but low and behold, it had sold out in anything remotely near my size. My ideal black dress falls to mid-calf length, is perfectly tailored to fall loose from the body and has a button-up fastening and a neat little collar. It would look just as appropriate for off-duty as for work and could be worn with flat sandals and bare legs in the summer and layered up for the colder months.
  • The floppy hat. Every outfit looks better with the flourish of a nonchalant hat. Wide brims and beekeepers styles work best, proving the finishing touch to everything from simple jeans and T-shirt combos to flowing vintage kimono dresses. The perfect hat instantly makes everything better - even a bad hair day.
  • The denim shirt.The ultimate everyday essential, my mission this autumn is to collect an array of styles for every occasion: fitted, oversized, bleached and indigo. Doubling my denim (take care to mix washes) is one of my favourite looks, although I also have a penchant for loose denim shirts in summer paired with miniscule printed shorts.
  • The Birkenstocks. The shoe of the summer and one of 2014's biggest non-trends: the Birkenstock is simple, practical, comfortable and the perfect wardrobe staple for the warmer months. On my wish-list sit both the black and the white pairs - although I will never be tanned enough and careful enough to wear the white. Teamed with everything from summer dresses to cropped jeans and flowing culottes, the Birkenstock instantly adds an effortless air.
  • The stripes. A timeless breton stripe is my all-time favourite print. Whether it's an oversized T-shirt dress (I would walk on hot coals to get my hands on the one pictured below) or a well-fitting tee (recently purchased in bulk from Zara), fresh white stripes will instantly freshen up your wardrobe.


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