Saturday, 4 October 2014

Stylenotes: Zara

Zara do lookbooks incredibly well. I'm getting quite bored of fashion at the moment and I'm thinking more about clothes in terms of what people actually wear, rather than fantasise over. I think thats why Zara's Pictures works so well; it shows us how their clothes look in real life situations, on real life women. Yeah, so these real life women are stunningly beautiful and we're not all going to look this perfect - but you can see how the clothes translate to real life. Seeing a cosy arran knit with the sleeves pulled up, worn with a messy ponytail by a woman supping a steaming cup of coffee is more likely to make me want to make a purchase than if I'd seen the same jumper shot in a sterile studio environment. 

These shots make you aspire more to a particular lifestyle than a way to dress, selling the clothes more subtly as you realise that you really need a sheer maxi skirt for slobbing around your immaculately decorated flat in. It's this whole obsession with Instagram and getting a sneak peek into the lives of others. I've recently made purchases based on items I have seen whilst scrolling through my Insta-faves, and I'm sure I am not the only one. Zara's lookbooks work in the same way. At first glance, it could almost be someone's social media account that you are browsing.

All photos: Zara pictures

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