Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Great Outdoors: Autumn Daze

I prefer the American term for this time of year: Fall. Walking through the woods, rust and yellow leaves spirl down from the branches to the floor below. The clocks slipping back an hour to give us cosy, early nights. The countryside falling into winter. Fall, the direct opposite of Spring.

We set out on an easy Sunday walk last weekend, wandering along a canal, discovering secluded patches of golden ferns and tantalising thistles. We found a secret walled garden, conjuring up childhood memories. We picked the last of the blackberries, staining our fingers red from the juices. The afternoon light lingered at the perfecct haze of the golden hour until the sun started to slowly set. 

Here's to spending as much time outdoors as possible over the forthcoming weeks.

 Photos: Emma Lavelle (6 & 8, Abigail Outhwaite)


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